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Your Ultimate Guide For Summer Hydration

love the summer heat. Whether it’s an afternoon at the beach, a day spent lounging at the pool, or enjoying the AC with a good book, we’re all about the endless sunshine. What we don’t love, however, is when the temperature starts to rise, our hydration levels start to dip, making our energy levels drop, our skin less vibrant and more susceptible to outside toxins, and our bodies feeling less than stellar. We’ve got everything you need to keep cool and hydrated this summer so you can beat (and enjoy!) the heat.

Your water bottle is your new BFF.

Possibly the simplest solution on this list. Water bottles aren’t just for taking to the gym. Keep it at your desk, bring it in the car, take it to the beach. If it’s right by your side, you won’t forget about it and can save yourself from the perils of dehydration -- like fatigue, shorter attention span, headaches, and worse (including several health issues). Bonus points if its a reusable water bottle.

Eat hydration rich foods.

Can someone please pass the watermelon? Get double the hydration by pairing up your glass of water with some tasty fruits and veggies. Cucumber boasts 97% water, while celery, tomatoes, and watermelon follow closely behind. Munch your way to wellness!

Drink on schedule.

If carrying around your water bottle everywhere you go really isn’t your thing, try scheduling a glass of water every hour, or reminding yourself to hydrate before and after meals and throughout certain points in your workday to keep yourself on track.

Step away from the coffee.

We know, this one’s difficult. A lot can be said for the energy-boosting benefits of a tall glass of water and a healthy breakfast in the morning, however. Coffee is a de-hydrant and while it’s great for a boost when we need it, too much coffee during the summer it can do more harm than good.

Eat hydration-rich foods. 

Drinking water isn't the only way to get hydrated! Incorporate foods rich in water content to your diet to provide some added hydration. Not sure where to start? Tomatoes, watermelon, and strawberries all have water content levels above 90%.

Make your water tastier (and healthier!)

Zest up your water quota by adding your favorite fruits. Our personal favorite? We love a little lemon, cucumber, and fresh mint to turn our regular glass of H20 into a spa-like daydream. Pair this with a healthy meal and a walk outside for a healthier lunch break this summer.

Finally, keep your water by your desk for a midday pick me up. 

In order for our our brains to function at their very best, they need to be properly hydrated. Our brain cells become less efficient when they are dehydrated, causing us to lose focus and our ability to recall long-term memories to dwindle. Keep up your water intake and try these foods for the ultimate afternoon brain boost.

Staying hydrated will keep you glowing from the inside-out. When we're dehydrated, our skin becomes dry and flaky, and can even compromise our immune system by allowing outside toxins to pass through our protective barrier. Maintain your natural vibrancy and radiance this summer with the help of hydration! 

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