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Try These 4 Practices to Enhance Your Cognitive Focus

We’ve all been there. Stuck at work or school with a big project to get done but can’t seem to get our minds set on the task ahead. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down our top 4 practices that help enhance our cognitive focus so we can get what we need accomplished, and then some.

01. Get Moving

Stuck in your desk and can’t seem to get anything done? We get it. In fact, multiple studies have shown the benefits of getting up and walking during the work day. Being tied to your desk all day hurts more than it helps — and we don’t just mean in terms of productivity. If you sit at your desk all day with little movement, you’re reducing the blood flow to your legs and more likely to have plaques build up in your arteries. Yikes!

We recommend breaking up your work day by stepping outside, getting some fresh air, and increasing your circulation. Whether it’s taking a 5 minute walk after each hour of work like this article suggests or breaking up your day with a little bit of exercise, it’ll help you stay healthy and get your focus back on track and ultimately boost your productivity. (Trust us, we just did it).

02. “Do Not Disturb” is a feature for a reason — use it

In the middle of writing a report, but your phone won’t stop buzzing? It’s a major concentration breaker. Cut the outside noise by muting your notifications when you know you need to get into a good workflow. You can even set up your “Do Not Disturb” to turn on and off at specific times, so if you have a big meeting every Monday from 2-4pm but don’t want to commit to turning your phone off, you can schedule it in your Settings.

03. Meditate

No, we don’t mean sitting cross-legged on the floor of your office saying “Om” in the middle of the workday (even though it is an option). However, there are certain ways we can be more mindful that can help us bring us back to focus at the task at hand. For many, work can be a stress-inducing environment that might not be conducive to all things “zen.” The good news is that if we just take 5-10 minutes at our desk to focus on our breathing and tune out of the million things running through our brains, that’s all we need to get our minds right and be even more productive. Next time you find yourself forcing yourself to produce something that isn’t flowing naturally, avoid scrolling through Instagram for the hundredth time and take a few centered breaths to get back on track.

04. Pace Yourself

Taking scheduled breaks in between tasks is a great way to hold yourself accountable and get things done. If you know you need to get a specific task done within the hour before going for a walk or chatting with your favorite coworker, setting it up as a reward system could be a great way to ensure that things get done. Try taking 30-minute or hourly breaks to make sure you get the right balance of work and play.

What do you do to keep up your Focus? Let us know your favorite tips!

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