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The Science Behind Dr. James Lee's Brain Supplements

Dr. James Lee explains his
process behind creating Liveli.

When I began to look into the concept of Liveli and brain supplements in general, I wanted to examine the building blocks of how our brains function. I’ve always been intrigued by one particular question:

"What does my brain need to work?"

To get to the bottom of this seemingly loaded question, I traced back from my knowledge of what the brain needs and found the food that contained these essential sources that help our brains work in top form. Insights from my research, combined with experience in biochemistry, allowed me to devise a plan for brain supplements over the course of a few years to answer the question that piqued my interest in the first place.

I started at the beginning: understanding that every thought, every action, and every emotion involves the brain.

The actions of the brain depend on working neurons. In order for the brain to be in its best shape, these neurons need the perfect environment so they can convey signals (through receiving, carrying, and transmitting).

I kept digging. When neurons carry signals, it’s a lot like an electric wire. They need insulation; in the case of neurons, myelin provides this insulation. With the firing back and forth from neurotransmitters and second messengers in the brain, it became clear that tremendous energy is required for the brain to function optimally. This energy comes from the Krebs cycle and vasodilation – both functions in the brain I sought to support.

I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to encourage efficiency in brain processes and support the brain’s ability to focus. I wanted to make sure the brain could be supported so it could perform at its highest quality. That’s when I looked to the ingredients and came up with a plan. I knew that other forms of brain supplements targeted specific areas of brain functioning. However, I wanted to come up with a comprehensive plan to support brain health and functioning holistically.

Because Liveli is so comprehensive, its ingredients must be too.

When I began to explore how to support brain function, I looked to the sources of the essential ingredients and chemicals. Many of these were already in our diet – found in nature through hunting and scrounging for food. However, we’ve evolved from a diverse diet to food that is primarily a result of mass production. Now we only get certain nutrients and need to supplement what we’re missing.

I started with vitamins.

Essentially, vitamins are biomolecules that cannot be manufactured but are crucial to survival. Because neurons are among the most active cells in our body, they need these particular biomolecules the most. I added vitamin A because it has been shown time and again to be important in the support of our neurons. After adding Vitamin A, I added Vitamin C because of its ability to help support neurotransmitters, and Vitamin D for its calcium processing abilities. Vitamins E and K came next, with Vitamin E’s unique ability to live inside the membrane providing help against free radicals and Vitamin K’s blood vessel support, which is crucial in getting oxygen and nutrients into the brain.

The B vitamins were integral to my formula because of their critical place in the Krebs cycle, the mechanism by which the cell creates energy for itself. In order to support neuron health, the B vitamins were a necessary component.

Once I ensured that the proper amounts of vitamins were in place in my formula, I looked to the essential minerals for brain health and efficiency.

I included iron for its importance in carrying oxygen to the brain. Iodine’s ability to support the metabolism is integral to brain efficiency, magnesium is critical to the Krebs cycle, copper is critical to energy production – these, among other minerals in my formula, are vital to the brain’s overall processing and upkeep. Altogether, I decided to include 13 of the 16 essential minerals; the three I didn’t add are already included in most diets, therefore most of us get an adequate (and in some cases, too much) supply of them.

I then focused on specific precursors to support neurotransmitters, as well as each neuron.

I added the amino acids key to nerve conduction and that support antioxidant activity, as well as the molecules that support brain health (specifically in our Restore Dayli formula).

Because I wanted to create my formula using bioactive ingredients, I wondered what kind of botanicals I could use. I asked myself:

"What ingredients have other cultures been using to help with cognition?"

I looked to Korean Ginseng, with its long history of supporting mentation and well-being, and Indian Ginseng, which has been used within the culture to support memory. I saw the benefits of valerian root, as well as chamomile and lemon extract, and added those to the Sleep Peacefulli formula. Cayenne supports mentation, so I added it to Focus Clearli. Green tea extract was also essential to the Focus Clearli formula, with its caffeine supporting energy, ambition, drive, reward, and positive habit formation. For the Restore Dayli formula, I found grape seed supports memory, and turmeric supports neurotransmitter health.

Ultimately, my synthesis of the best possible ingredients — vitamins, minerals, botanicals — is what excites me about the opportunity to embark on this journey with you.

Focus Clearli will give you the chance to achieve optimum performance today, Sleep Peacefulli will aid in optimum support tonight, and Restore Dayli ensures optimum support tomorrow. Now, with the Liveli family of products, we have everything we need to supercharge our lives.

— Dr. James Lee


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